The responses for the congregational survey came back and starting June 12th, the worship service will start at 10:30 AM. Sunday School for ALL ages will be offered at 9:15 AM from the second Sunday of September. Thank you to everyone for completing the survey.

New Sermon Series “The Beatitudes”

We start a new sermon series “The Beatitudes” in the first week of May. 
The beatitudes are part of ‘the Sermon on the Mount’  that is recorded in the gospel Matthew. Through these 8 Beatitudes, Jesus teaches the virtues and values in life that will result in blessings and rewards of happiness. 
For this special sermon series, a group of Zion friends prepared handmade buttons for your collection. Each week as the pastor covers different characters in the Beatitudes, the buttons with different designs will be released. You wouldn’t want to miss them!


Happy Easter! Christ is Risen, and we celebrate his defeat of death and the hope of salvation on this day. Come and join our worship celebration at 9:30 AM.


HOLY WEEK BEGINS this coming Sunday, April 10th observed as ‘Palm/Passion Sunday’ with fresh palms decorating the altar area.  Come and join our special worship celebration at 9:30 AM.

  • MAUNDY THURSDAY, April 14th – A special service will be offered at 7:00 pm to commemorate the last night in which our Lord Jesus gathered with his disciples in the Upper Room, and instituted the Lord’s supper.  During that evening He shared with them many of the things which are recorded in the gospels.  It was during this night that Jesus was arrested, tried, and sentenced to crucifixion. 
  • GOOD FRIDAY –  A Joint Good Friday Service is to be held on April 15th at 7:00 PM at Wesley UMC.  Pastor Chang from Zion will deliver a message, and the joint Choir from both churches will present a special song for meditation.
  • EASTER SERVICE – Our Easter Worship begins at 9:30 a.m.  Pastor Chang will preach the Easter message, and the sanctuary will be adorned with lilies and tulips.  Adult Sunday School and fun activities for children will follow the service. 

2022 Ash Wednesday

The season of Lent begins this coming Wednesday, March 2nd.  
Join our Ash Wednesday Service on March 2nd at 7:00 PM.

Lenten Devotional Booklet

During the season of Lent, Christians around the world pause and reflect on our sinful, human condition and our need for a Savior. Just as Jesus spent forty days in the desert preparing for ministry, Christians embark on a forty-day journey during Lent to prepare our hearts for the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter. 

To help ourselves stay focused in our reflection and preparation, we prepared a Lenten Devotional Booklet, “Full to the Brim”. You can pick a copy for yourself and your friends at the church office.

Lenten Book Study

A Lenten Book study “Spiritual Formation” begins on Wednesday, March 9th at 6:00 PM.  
You can order a copy of the book today by calling the church office.