Community Impact

Sometimes we forget how busy our Church building is during a month.

For many of us we look at Sunday worship and Sunday School and think that is how the building is used most often.  During February of this year we had approximately 615 people who participated in those events.

In addition to our Sunday services, we have two employees, the secretary and custodian, who are here along with a number of other volunteers that come during the week such as the Parish nurse, trustees and many others who drop in to the Church.  In addition to those people we have small groups, circles, choir practice, committee meetings, activities like making caramel rolls and the Super Bowl party.  We also had the Ash Wednesday service during the month of February.  Outside groups also used the Church during a month, like the Youth Rally we held on a Saturday.  In total we had more than 995 people in these activities this February.

Zion has a regular outreach ministry to our community by housing the Sunflake Daycare.  Sunflake, a not-for-profit organization, has Daycare all day for some students and partial days for others.  They also have an after school program.  Staff is needed for these Children.  Parents also come into the Church to deliver and pick up their children.  Considering all this activity Sunflake had over 4,980 people come into Zion during the month of February.

Considering the three groups of Sunday services, other Zion activities and Sunflake students and personnel, we had, at a minimum, 6,590 people come to Zion during the month of February 2012.  Many of these numbers are duplicates, but even so, our Church is an active and important part of the Greater Grand Forks community.