Excited Again

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It Happened Again!

I was excited when I wrote my pastoral letter last month, and it’s happening again!

The truth be told, I am excited about being a pastor. It’s not an easy life (but is any “living” easy?), but spending my days fulfilling the purpose God has given me in His creation makes it exciting, knowing that because of Him, I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right work. I spiritually drifted and wandered as a young person for several years before Jesus helped me find, His “most excellent way.” Moving beyond those days of uncertainty and indecision in response to God’s call is the best thing I’ve ever done.

The Power of Prayerclip_image002

I also find excitement in watching God work in the lives of the people around me, especially so in my brothers and sisters in Christ here at Zion Church. This Sunday, four young persons will be taking the vows of membership before our congregation and beginning their journey of discipleship – filled with the Holy Spirit and led by God.

What’s VERY exciting is seeing what the sincere prayers of God’s people can do in the life of the church and its people.

A little over a month ago, a small number of people were led by God to begin praying for specific aspects of our church’s life; one specific instance of this is a prayer meeting before the 11 a.m. worship service begins, each Sunday.

The Holy Spirit moved, and more people – entire Sunday school classes have joined in the effort. I believe we have had an increase in individual prayers directed specifically toward the ministries of Zion and the coming revival in our church.

Even if you didn’t know about these activities, you may have noticed that our worship attendance has been slowly rising, and the energy level in both services has also increased. Our prayers are being heard and God is responding. Now THAT’S exciting!

What About You?

If you are among Zion’s prayer warriors, thank you! The Bible says that “the prayers of the righteous amount to much,” (James 5:16) and you are living proof of that. (That’s exciting!) If you’re not yet participating in this effort, would you devote time each day to praying for your church?

What should you pray for? Firstly – if you sincerely ask God about this, He will lead you. But, if you need some suggestions, here are just a few:

· Pray for our Sunday worship times – for inspiration and dedication, for the servants of God who prepare and lead our worship. And, for our worshipers, that their Sunday worship experience would bring them closer to God, and that He would send them forth into holy fulfillment.

· Pray for our church’s Christian education work – it’s a big job to teach our children about Jesus, and our teachers need our prayers! Pray for our adult classes and groups and they study, learn, and serve.

· Pray for our church’s leaders. It’s a high honor and responsibility they have undertaken, and they need to know of our appreciation and support.

· I would be honored to know that you are praying for me, and my family. We are blessed to be serving this church, and knowing of our love, care, and concerns means much to us.

Now, go – and pray!

See you in Church.

Pastor Russ