Bible Study – Exodus 2

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I am currently in a one-year Bible study from youversion.com that presents the scriptures in chronological order.  I’ll be posting devotional notes as I read.  I hope you’ll join me for this journey. If you’re interested in YouVersion, click on the badge at the end of this post.

Moses said, “I have been a sojourner in a foreign land.” (2:22).

Have you ever considered that you are on a journey?  Not a journey of distance, but a journey to completion?  Moses was a grown man when he fled to Midian to escape Pharoah’s wrath.  His had been a life of challenge and conflict all of his days, and those things were just the beginning!  Born to a Hebrew mother in a time when Pharoah has commanded that all male Hebrew babies were to be killed; adopted and raised as an Egyptian, but never truly allowed to be one of them; now, as a fugitive he finds not only refuge but a wife in the house of a stranger.

As children of God, we are in this world, but are no longer of this world.  By virtue of our baptism, God has accepted us, and is changing us through His grace so we can reach the full potential of who and what He created us to be.  This process can very easily be thought of as a journey, because we are not the same today as we were yesterday.  Hopefully, we’ve gotten closer to God!  But regardless, our life experiences shape us day-by-day.

The challenges of Moses’ early life shaped him to be the future leader of God’s people during their years in the wilderness, a long journey of more than one generation.

How is God shaping you on your journey, for your future service to His Kingdom?